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Macbeth Interview- August 2006

Macbeth Interview- August, 2006

            Milan certainly seems to be a growing epicenter for goth-rock acts of consistent quality. Macbeth, a quintet classified in this particular groove, courteously extended a glimpse of their music scene; The Dominant Allele had the opportunity to interview Fabrizio, the drummer and lyricist for the Italian group, an outfit now over a decade in season.

Fabrizio provided a thorough Macbeth history: “The band formed in 1995; after two years Macbeth recorded the first and only demo tape called “Nocturnal Embrace”. Then we signed a deal in 1998 and the same year the band recorded “Romantic Tragedy’s Crescendo” that sold more than 12.000 copies all over Europe. After that release, Nuclear Blast put a couple of our songs in “Metal Dreams vol. 2”, featuring Stratovarius, Helloween, Skid Row, and Mr. Big and a song in “Beauty in Darkness vol.4” feat. Tiamat, In Flames, Dark Tranquility, Nightwish, and Lacuna Coil.”

He continued, “Well, I joined Macbeth in 2001 I recorded with them “Vanitas” that was very well reviewed and appreciated in Europe, South America, Baltic states and Taiwan, too. Then, last year we released “Malae Artes” that is our best and most mature album. The new album was also released in the United States of America and this is very important news. After the release of “Malae Artes” we played all over our country and we reached Mexico for a tour; we have a huge audience there! Now we’re working on new material.”

Fabrizio also described, “Everyone who listens to our music can’t really put us into a category because it’s hard to classify us into a scene. I don’t like labels—it’s hard to choose a musical genre to explain what Macbeth play. We wanted to make music that’s really varied.”

Macbeth’s music also reflects an ethnic essence, employing their setlist as an outlet for particularly Italian-flavored themes. “I guess our sound is different if compared to most other gothic metal bands,” Fabrizio noted in reference to the abundance of cultural style. “We come from the south of Europe and this is our way to incorporate our culture.”

The fans have certainly detected this extraordinary quality and they continue to propel the band to loftier heights than ever before. With an average of over 100 plays a day on their MySpace page, Fabrizio explained the band members’ gratitude toward their loyal enthusiasts. “The fans have supported us by buying records, coming to see us on stage, writing letters and messages, and believing in us. A band is nothing without fans!”

Offering simple words of wisdom for budding musicians, Fabrizio commented, “Believe in yourself.”

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