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Here are some frequently asked questions about The Dominant Allele and otherwise.

1. Will you interview my band/review our album/etc?
A: Send all contact info here and we can most likely arrange something!
2. My band recently did an interview with you. Why is my article not up yet?
A: Please be patient; The Dominant Allele is very busy and you have not been forgotten in the least.
3. Who runs The Dominant Allele?
A: Samantha, a student from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA).
4. Will you write us a BAND BIO? Page text and captions?
A: Yes. Send an email here with the specifications of your inquiry and I will reply shortly.
5. "The Dominant Allele"? What does that mean?
A: Inform yourself here.
6. Why did you choose the name "The Dominant Allele" of all things?
A: I sat through Genetics too long.
7. May I use one of your pictures for my site/project/article?
A: Only if specific permission is granted!!!
Have any questions not listed here? Please email them here.