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Editorial 8- June 12, 2006

            So it’s been awhile since I’ve clocked in to my editorial composing position here at TDA. (Sue me, sue me, what can you do me?) It’s about 2:00 A.M. and I’m rotting my brain with some inane speed-dating program some television executive has unfortunately chosen to program. What happened to those real-life specials with the kids winning talent shows and soldiers discussing war issues? I suppose the real-life brand of “reality” TV isn’t trendy this week. Darn those suits!

Since I’m tired almost to the point of delirium, it feels necessary to commence an in-depth philosophical contemplation of Dr. Demento’s famed number “Fish Heads”. Why don’t fish heads wear sweaters or have to pay for ventures to the cinema? Is “roly-poly” a term of endearment or a death sentence to the fish head, who will shortly be ingested by a hungry consumer?

As in the famed lollipop enigma, “The world may never know.”
German engineering in the house!

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