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Janeen Leah- "Time is Never Wasted" album review- May 2006

            A soulful Los Angeles songstress, Janeen Leah has certainly begun the definition of her breezy, spirited brand of music with her latest release, Time is Never Wasted.

            Quietly commencing the album with a peaceful acoustic guitar, Janeen eases her way into a heartfelt track. When she unleashes her vocal power, the soothing rock accompaniment crescendos to become an excellent complement. An inviting commencement to the album, “I Can Not Ignore” provokes the listener’s thoughts as to what further musical delights Janeen holds up her sleeve.

            Janeen’s freedom in lyrical expression is evident—“The Feeling” is a most sincere testament of love. She displays thoughtful voice modulation as her full volume is only released when emotion is maximized, and her softer notes afford an appropriate sensitive touch to the track.

            The third song reflects the same quality of musicianship; however, the album takes a turn into somber heartbreak, depicted in “Erased” and its succeeding tune.

            “Captured in my Own Mind” starts to become redundant in the sense that the listener has come to expect the light vocals expressed in the first four tracks. A transitional number, it warmly welcomes the following track.

            Relaxed and refreshingly jazzy, the sixth tune on the album is reminiscent of Sade’s sleek musical style. Janeen’s superb vocals are showcased once again with class and certain impression.

            The next noteworthy track gracing Time is Never Wasted is the album gem “Strange Days”, with its rock essence that at some points even resembles Incubus. Janeen’s confident attitude really sparkles! Her songstress talent is so evident and she learns to unleash it, in comparison with the other shy tracks. Its succeeding song follows in this addictive rock groove, increasing the album’s creative dimension.

            The title track is one of peaceful, sultry jazz that features the most instrumentation on the disc. The added saxophones, piano, and strings add sleek elegance and wonderfully complement Janeen’s serenade. The song transitions to “Fallen”, a catchy incorporation of all of the album’s elements.

            Time is Never Wasted concludes with a bonus track, the beginning of which is surrounded by mystery and myth. The song is the disc’s zenith of creativity, finalizing the album with dreamlike punctuation. 7/10

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